Wednesday, 24 January 2007

Welcome to Haiku Club

Haiku Club is like Fight Club, except without the fighting. Here's how it works. At the start of each week, one of the Haiku Club participants proposes a topic. S/he and the others then have until the end of the week to write one haiku referencing the topic (either directly or indirectly). Participants then vote on the one they like best, and the winner is awarded points. Once any one individual has amassed 5 points, all the participants meet at a downtown pub and buy the winner a beer (or equivalent). The structure of the haiku is basic:

Line one: five syllables
Line two: seven syllables
Line three: five syllables.

The mood of the haiku is entirely up to the writer. It can be pensive or frivolous, cheerful or burning with social issues. Any approach is fine, as long as it references the theme chosen for that particular week.

Happy haiku writing!

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