Monday, 9 April 2007


Marching through Red Square
Might, Power, Strength on display
The May Day Parade.

Soviet Union
Cold War enemy threatens
Mother Russia looms.

The Berlin Wall falls
Gorbachev’s Perestroika
Glasnost brings promise.

Traditions are shed
The goose steppers have marched on
Lenin’s Tomb exposed.

"New Russians" emerge
Economy in chaos
Stalin missed by some.

Vodka kills most men
Yukos oil makes billionaires
Babushkas sweep streets.

Red: communism
Blood, lust, fire, rage, love, longing -
I want to go back.


Kelly T said...

oh, man. you're a tough act to follow!...

Who's the "I" in the last line? You, Maddie, or the everyman Russian?

Lori Langille said...

Lenin's Ghost! That's awesome, Maddie!!! Wow!

James Torck said...


grrreg said...

After I die I plan to be put on display à la Lenin (or Mao). If you do go back, take notes so I can get started on renovating my house.

Oh ... that's some right epic haiku you got going on there.

Maddie said...

Thanks everybody, I guess I got inspired! To answer Kel's question, the I is me. Been there 3 times and can't get enough. But I like the idea it could be the everyday Russian so let's say both!

Bethanator said...

такие красивые стихи!