Thursday, 17 May 2007

(In)Famous Clown Moments

Innocence is lost.
Unbeknownst to Clarabel,
microphone's still on.


Lori Langille said...

Ha ha! Well done, Kel!


Kelly T said...

Actually, it's inspired by one of those entertainment myths. Everyone seems to know the story of the kids live tv host who gets caught on air mumbling under his breath as they break for commercial "that ought to keep the little bastards happy". But apparently it didn't really happen.

Bethanator said...

True story... Bozo the Clown was supervising kids during an egg-on-the-spoon race during a taping of his 1950s show, and a hopeful contender happened to let his egg drop on the floor. Bozo went over to the crestfallen kid, and tried to make light of the incident. The kid turned on Bozo and spat "Fuck off, Clown!"

Thankfully the show wasn't broadcast live... but the tapes exist for posterity!