Thursday, 14 June 2007

Haiku Club: New Schedule

An update on the upcoming schedule change for the summer: as of next week, we'll be moving to a whole new format of theme posting, which will be permanent rather than just for the summer. Instead of posting on the Sunday of each week, or every two weeks (as was the original plan for the summer), we'll embrace the true spirit of haiku and become more spontaneous. Haiku Club members will continue to be asked to contribute themes regularly (along with the themes posted by me), but when they will be posted and for how long will be unknown until they're up. So, some themes might have an extended stay of perhaps two weeks, while others may be an innovation suggested by Andrew: the Flash Haiku, which will be a theme posted for only 24 hours (maybe even less!). Other themes will fall somewhere in between. How themes are chosen may vary, too––for example, occasionally you might be asked to, say, visit a certain website and pick an object, colour, or concept as your theme. All this is designed to mix things up, keep us all engaged in the form, and, I hope, add to the pure enjoyment value for everyone, too. Please feel free to post your comments here on these upcoming changes, and to add any other thoughts and ideas you may have as well. I am always open to suggestions.

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